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  • Welcome to The Hundredths World!

    ~ The system is just now recovered because you smile. ~

    Our Vision

    To create sweetest ice cream ever.

    Our Mission

    Help people holding the melting ice cream.

    Our Value

    Not to eat the ice cream too much.

  • ebesah

    e mobility for your life to chill.

  • Project tried in the past.

    Here is what Hundredths tried before.


    Talking Device

    Qutchy is a talking device via Bluetooth produced with the members named "CROWD FAB" at an incubation office in Tokyo.


    Hackathon for Town

    Planned the hackathon which solves the problems in town & receive the gifts from the town in return.


    Maker's Space​ in Town

    Maker's garage in town.
    Accepted many local people who make items including kids.

    Free Monkey

    No more money. Live like a monkey.

    Global platform to live without money.

  • MVT (Most Valuable Troublemaker)

    My life happened to be in this world to excite your life.

    Keita Hasebe

    Joker Collector

    By experiencing too many failures,

    realized my life as a troublemaker.
    All I do is to continuously try crazy things until you hopefully smile at the end.

  • Tell me about your idea :)

    What kind of crazy ideas do you have?